View Full Version : ShenHao HZA 45 + Pa145 => no good idea

24-Jul-2012, 12:37
I just found out that a ShenHao HZX viewcamera and a Fuji PA-145 may not be a perfect match.... I recently purchased a PA-145 back to use Fuji FP100C with my 4x5 and in the beginning all went well. I shot 1.5 packs, but today I got the bill for extending the spring back that far ...
I was sitting on my sofa when I heard a 'clunk' noise from where my camera sits. Sure enough, when I had a look, the whole back had falling off. This was without anything in the back for 2 days (no PA-145 and no film holder). Basically the wooden frame came apart on one side where the spring is attached. I really hope I will be able to glue that back in.

So anyone out there using a HZX 45 and thinking about the PA-145, you may want to skip this idea, unless you fabricate a different back for the ShenHao ... :(


24-Jul-2012, 12:48
you should have removed the ground glass after composing since it's a graflock style back. the tabs slide in and secure the film holder in place.

that said, I never had any issues when I owned that camera and put my fuji backs in it. no issue with chamonix either. you get what you pay for.

Joseph Dickerson
24-Jul-2012, 13:08

I never had issues using a Polaroid 550 back with my Shen Hao, I did however do as Vinny suggested and I removed the GG and used the Graflok sliders to hold the back in place. Used the same approach with my Horseman 6x12 back as well.

One nice thing about wooden cameras is you can glue them back together. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself a good cabinet/furniture maker could do it.


24-Jul-2012, 13:22
I am such an Idiot ! I had no idea you could take off the ground glass. I guess lesson learned. I just checked and of course it comes off and the Fuji back fits in perfect. Thank you so very much for explaining this to me! Sometimes it is tough to be a newbie ...

24-Jul-2012, 18:55
Yeah, chinese cameras don't come with instructions.

26-Jul-2012, 12:52
Seems like I was able to glue everything back together. Luckily nothing was actually broken. Just looks like the old glue came loose. Makes me very happy that my stupidity did not ruin this sweet camera.

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