View Full Version : 38/5.6 XL on the Toyo field 45AII

16-Feb-2004, 11:13
I'd really like to know if any one has tried the Schneider SA 38/5.6 XL with the 12.5 recessed lens board on a Toyo field 45AII? Was the 12.5 board deep enough to let you focus the lens at infinity or did you use the 25mm board? Did you have to drop the bed or too? I would appreciate your comments. Cheers.

Gem Singer
16-Feb-2004, 13:33
Hello Ramin,

I have a Toyo 45AII and use the 12.5mm recessed lensboard with a Fuji 75 SWD lens. The bellows is tightly compressed at infinity focus, and shift, swing, and rise movements are difficult to use with that combination of lens and lensboard. I also find that the drop bed configuration is necessary to prevent the inclusion of the front of the focusing plate in the picture, especially when using the vertical (portrait) format.

I have heard about, but have never actually seen, a 25mm Toyo recessed lensboard in the 110mm square size. I believe they have been dis-continued by Toyo. It seems to me that it would be very difficult to operate the shutter controls in such a deep recess.

The minimum focusing distance for the Toyo 45AII is listed at 70mm. Subtract the 25mm recessed lensboard, and you will still need a lens that focuses at 45mm, at infinity. I do not know the exact flange focal length for the 38XL at infinity, but I do know that it only has a 137mm image circle. Not really enough to fully cover 4X5 at infinity.

You would be asking a lot out of the Toyo 45AII to use the Schneider 38XL on that camera.

Jean-Marie Solichon
16-Feb-2004, 13:50
The Toyo 45AII works reasonably well with my 55 Apo Grandagon and a 12,5 recessed lens board. Dropping the bed is necessary, then there is no front rise available anymore. A 38mm on that camera? Well I wouldn't buy the lens without experimenting before.

Roman Mensing
25-Mar-2007, 10:31
I have constructed a 40mm recessed lensboard for my own use with the Schneider 5.6/35 Digitar. Please contact me if you are interested....