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22-Jul-2012, 21:52
Hello all,

I need help, please. Bought a sinar zoom and it works, but after developing the film is scratched!
See the attchment. First one works, then thre are a lot of them. Any suggestions?

Oren Grad
22-Jul-2012, 22:07
The Zoom has a very long film path. Open the holder and inspect the entire film path carefully to make sure that it is clean of dust and grit, including the cassette in which you load the film spool and the lips where the film emerges from the cassette. Check the parts over which the film moves for any rough edges or embedded dirt, especially the end where the film loops around.

24-Jul-2012, 11:01
Hello Oren,

many thanks for the input. I have done it and hope it will work. Have to test it!

Jeff Keller
24-Jul-2012, 11:32
It looks like your scratches are going across the film rather than along the direction of film movement. Could the scratches be caused during development?

Jeff Keller

Oren Grad
24-Jul-2012, 11:40
It looks like your scratches are going across the film rather than along the direction of film movement.

Not necessarily. The Zoom is a variable-format holder that can be set to make 6x4.5 exposures, or the jpg could have been cropped from a larger exposure.

Still, a good question as part of the troubleshooting.

Joseph Dickerson
24-Jul-2012, 13:13
Also, pay close attention to the felt light trap where the film exits the cassette. That one aspect of the Zoom holder has always concerned me. A small bit of sand trapped in the felt could cause real damage.


30-Jul-2012, 00:38
Thanks for all the input!
I am a bit frustrated. First I bought a cheap china 6x12. It scratches my film and is weak built but no lightleak. Second a Linhof 6x9, works and fits perfect except for the counter so I louse always one or two frames. And third the sinar zoom it also scratches the film!
So if some one live in europe and like to trade all three against one working linhof I am in.

David A. Goldfarb
30-Jul-2012, 03:34
On the Linhof, are you sure you're starting the film at the right place? The large arrows should be visible through the holes in the pressure plate.

Also, is it a modern back with a lever or an old one with a knob to advance the film? The old style is prone to frame spacing issues depending on the type of film you are using, because of a basic design issue. This is not a problem with the later style Super-Rollex backs.

31-Jul-2012, 03:04
Thanks David!
It is a new one. I can see the arrow! I made three films, but the counter dosenīt start. The film winding perfect.