Juergen Sattler
15-Feb-2004, 19:35
Just won the bid for this VOIGTLANDER VOIGTAR 11cm F4.5 LENS IN COMPUR SHUTTER on eBay - I got it for $12 and figured the worst that could happen is that I put it on the shelf, or use it as a paper weight:-) But seriously, does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with this lens? I have not found a lot of information on the web on this particular lens. I would want to use it on a 4x5 Technika III - knowing that I won't have a lot of room for movements left - if any.

Steve Hamley
15-Feb-2004, 20:30
The Lens Collector's Vade Mecum lists this lens as a low cost triplet lens, and a 105 mm covered 6x9 cm, and a 120 mm covered 6.5x11. It further states that they were manufactured from 1925-1940 and fitted to large numbers of lower cost cameras such as the Vag, Avus, Bessa, Brilliant, and Jubilar, and were commercially quite significant. They were not fitted to the Superb or Prominent.

This may be a continuation of a triplet portrait lens, and there were wide varieties in apertures, and apparently symmetry. Apertures were f/3.5, 4.5, 6.3, 7.7, and 9.0. it does not specifically mention a 11 cm (in my quick look).



Ernest Purdum
15-Feb-2004, 20:52
I think you will find out that it will not cover 4" X 5". It is a lens supplied on smaller format folding cameras. As such, it was no doubt designed to work at a fairly narrow angle.

The old rule of thumb is that a "normal" (as opposed to wide angle) lens should be a focal length equal to or longer than the diagonal of the film format which, for 4" X 5" is about 150mm. Longer will give you more of the excess coverage you need to use your movements.

The other way to get coverage is, of course, to go to a wide angle lens. This is apt to be the more expensive way.

16-Feb-2004, 05:51
I've used the 105mm version on an older Bessa folder. Simple 3 element lens that is OK in the center and softer on the corners. I'd say you paid about what it is worth. But it will probably illuminate 4x5 and may give you a look that you like for some things. If you only do straight sharp images it is not the lens for you.