View Full Version : LF bird house, at Cracker Barrel, really cute!

Bill, 70's military B&W
22-Jul-2012, 16:40
I saw this at Cracker Barrel the other night and am just passing it along. No birds yet.7767477673

Joseph Dickerson
22-Jul-2012, 16:59
How about a link?


Frank Petronio
22-Jul-2012, 17:19
If the food doesn't give you a heart attack, the art will!

22-Jul-2012, 18:39
I didn't buy one, but my fiancee pointed this out when we went to the one close to us recently.

22-Jul-2012, 18:49
I think it gives new meaning to “Watch the canary.”


Andrew O'Neill
22-Jul-2012, 18:51
Looks better than my DIY 14x17!

Jim Jones
23-Jul-2012, 04:53
If the Cracker Barrel is trying to say that LF is for the birds, I'll stick to the Golden Corral.