View Full Version : Schneider Symmar-S 180mm f/5.6 value??

22-Jul-2012, 10:09
I have a Schneider Symmar _S 180mm f/5.6 in a Seiko shutter. it is in great condition and I am going to sell it to a friend. I tried looking up the value on ebay and at KEH but the prices seem to be all over the board.
What is the current value range for this lens???
It's in great shape...probably EX on the KEH scale.

Alan Gales
22-Jul-2012, 10:32
I have seen nice Schneider 210mm 5.6 lenses in Copal shutters go for less than $200.00 on Ebay. My guess is that your lens might be worth $200.00 in a Copal due to less examples being out there than the 210's.

I don't know if the Seiko shutter would affect the price.

Kevin Crisp
22-Jul-2012, 10:37
More if multicoated. The shutter is probably not a plus.

Alan Gales
22-Jul-2012, 10:58
I just checked KEH for you. They have two in excellent condition, both with Copal shutters, one with and one without caps, $247.50 and $211.50 respectively. I find Ebay's prices generally a little lower than KEH.

Again, these were in Copal shutters. The Seiko may hurt your price a little bit.