View Full Version : filter vignett(e?)ing on SA 75

15-Feb-2004, 12:38

got the basic glass now & am purchasing filters. my largest glass now is 77 (filter size). the wa lens is 75mm focal/67mm thread. will i get unwanted vignetting on the schneider SA 75 using a step up ring to the 77mm filter ? if so, would it still vignette w/ the step up ring & a slim filter mounted ? I am certain my movements will be further limited either way (am i correct ?), but want to keep my image circle as unobstructed as possible.

thnaks, jason

Jean-Marie Solichon
15-Feb-2004, 13:18
Jason, I have a SA 75/5,6 and sometimes use a 67mm Heliopan polarizer on it. I did not notice any vignetting, then your 77mm filter with step up ring should not cause any trouble.

John W. Randall
15-Feb-2004, 13:23
Hi Jason,

Vignetting caused by adding anything to the front of any lens is guaranteed to drive you nuts. My personal solution was to go really wide - 95mm - with step-up rings on all my lenses. Having standardized the final size, I went to the Lee Filter System, which accepts four inch filters.

One thing to remember regarding the addition of step-up rings is that as you go up, you also go out from the lens - and it's the going out that is the killer, especially when you dial in camera movements. So try to minimize the number of step-up rings on any single lens. Sometimes this is tough to solve, as some lenses have small front filter thread diameters. B+H seems to have the most comprehensive filter ring selection, especially in their generic offerings. They also offer a 95mm lens cap - the clip-in type that I favor. Contax 35mm camera brand.

Hope this gives you an option.

Best regards,