View Full Version : Wisner Expedition v. Pocket Exp. Any experience?

Tom Osimitz
18-Feb-1999, 21:08
I am considering trading my Zone VI 4x5 Field Camera for a Wisner Expedition or Pocket Expedition. The Zone VI is too heavy and I find thee front standard to b e a bit flimsy. Has anyone had experience with the Wisener Exp. or especially th e newer Pocket Expedition? I especially like the geared rise/fall. Will the smal l size of the Pocket be problemmatic in the wind? I appreciate your comments.

Rob Adams
19-Feb-1999, 21:33
I have a pocket expedition and really like it. With that, lets talk about the geared rise/fall. The deardorf style sliding lensboard makes life really easy with W/A lenses. The "geared part" I find to be nice, but not necessary. The PE is very rigid. More so than you would expect with such a light camera. Given a chance to do things over, I'd ask for a "simple front", i.e. No gearing on the front rise or front tilts. My fingers are small. With that, I don't have a problem operating the front controls. In cold weather though....gloves made life a bit tougher.

In summary, the Pocket expedition is a great camera. Handles W/A lenses especially well and is very rigid. I'd lose some of the gearing though.