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Phil Kaminski
21-Jul-2012, 08:03
As an owner of an old Single Coated Super angulon 75 mm lense, I was wondering from other forum members, which 75 mm lense would make a good replacement? I am looking at a Caltar II f4.5, and also a Fujinon SWD F5.6. Can anyone give me a few pointers on what make a good replacement as far as top quality and sharpness are concerned? Thanks, Phil

Oren Grad
21-Jul-2012, 09:38
What specifically is it about your Super Angulon that makes you want to replace it?

Gem Singer
21-Jul-2012, 09:56
Look for a previously owned Nikon/Nikkor f4.5 75 SW. Sharp and contrasty. Slightly faster with generous image circle.

No longer being manufactured.

KEH sometimes has one listed on their website.


21-Jul-2012, 23:20
Don't think of any reason why you want to change to other manufacture. i own a 75mm F/4.5 Nikon for several years, now seldom use. It's really sharp and higher contrast. The color is towards to cool by compare with 90mm SA. I love my SA more than Nikon, even I spend a lot of money for it. My 65mm SA is one the way to my home, hope the color same as my 90mm , warm color tone.

22-Jul-2012, 00:14
I agree with Gem... I have the Nikkor SW 75/4.5, and it's an excellent lens as he said.

As an alternative, the Fujinon SWD 75/5.6 is probably excellent. I have an SWD 90/5.6 and am quite pleased with it.

- Leigh

Noah A
22-Jul-2012, 01:56
I have a Rodenstock Grandagon-N 75/4.5. I can't imagine a much sharper lens. It has good coverage on 4x5 and is compact compared to my other wides (90 and 115).

Personally, I don't like the focal length and will probably sell it since after my initial testing I've used it only twice. But it's a great lens. I'm just not a wideangle person.

22-Jul-2012, 15:58
I have a black lens barrel 75mm f8 Super Angulon (pre MC) and it's coatings are superb. Over the years after WWII coatings improved constantly and the term single coating is rather vague as often lenses had a few coatings not one. My silver 65mm f8 SA is less well coated but still OK.


22-Jul-2012, 16:23
The faster lenses of this design will have more coverage and will be easier to focus, but will demand perfect technique and large prints to have a hope of showing visible improvement otherwise. All the major brands are excellent. I would personally change only if I needed better coverage or a a lens in better condition.

Rick "coverage at this focal length is an issue" Denney

Noah A
22-Jul-2012, 18:53
The bright f/4.5 aperture sure is nice for focusing...