View Full Version : No.7a Century Studio Camera Age?

Forrest Cooper
20-Jul-2012, 19:19
Hi all,
I've posted a couple of times here about my 8x10 Century Studio Camera, and now that it's restored and working I'm hoping to find the age or date it was made. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've included a photo of my actual camera. Here is the info so far:
No7a Century Studio Camera
Eastman Kodak Co.
Folmer & Schwing Dept.
16524 (on brass name plate)

Serial: 130034 stamped on rear of main camera rail.

I also have a Wolensak Vitax and Pinkham & Smith soft focus lenses I'll ask about later.


21-Jul-2012, 04:36
The camera is from the early 1920s, based on my experience. Century had a series of takeovers, as the plate shows.

Mark Woods
21-Jul-2012, 09:13
Beautiful restoration!

Forrest Cooper
24-Jul-2012, 22:00
Thanks for your replies! Goamules, you're right, early 1920's....since posting I've narrowed it down to sometime around 1923. I found a catalog from 1917 that had the no7 and a catalog from 1923 that had the no7A. Now hoping to fill the gap between 1917-1923. Also the no7A was discontinued in the 1927 catalog. Thanks again.

BTW,,, I'll post images taken with this camera in another thread.

Peter De Smidt
24-Jul-2012, 23:05
The camera and stand look great!