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Scott --
20-Jul-2012, 13:52
Hi, all -

I'm looking to do some longer exposures on FP4+ - using an f/4.6 lens and need to slow the film down a bit - a couple stops would help. I develop in HC-110 dil H. Anyone have any experience with pulling FP4+ and/or developing it in HC-110?


20-Jul-2012, 14:59
Hi Scott, I may not understand all your aims, including your printing method, but some of my aims below may be related and helpful – FP4+ w/ HC-110 compensation – and give you something to look at.

This scene is in the Cascades, Washington state.

My principal aim was to keep the fine, dimpled texture in the sunny snow. I loved it. I wanted to bring that texture home with me. A secondary aim was to preserve details in the dark evergreens; however, I was willing to send the trees into the black to keep the snow. At first, I thought trying for both aims was asking too much.

“Expose for the shadows...”

I put the darkest evergreens just below zone 3, which placed the snow into zone 9!

“Develop for the highlights...”

Back home in the darkroom, I developed this FP4+ sheet in a very dilute concentration of HC-110 – about 1+123 direct from concentrate (not stock), and developed it for 19 minutes in 68 F, w/ a little bit of agitation every few minutes. Compensation worked its magic, and even left behind a pleasing dose of contrast. It prints under my D2v w/ ease, no dodging & burning necessary.

Tachi 4x5
Schneider 150/9 g-claron
Ilford FP4+ (in dilute HC-110)
Epson 4990/Epson Scan

Mark Woods
20-Jul-2012, 17:09
Why not use Neutral Density (ND) filters? You can get them in densities from -1 to -6 stops, probably more.

20-Jul-2012, 19:20
Why not use Neutral Density (ND) filters? You can get them in densities from -1 to -6 stops, probably more.

Yeah, I can't imagine why anyone would need to pull this film.

20-Jul-2012, 19:50
Depending on the scene being photographed, a contrast filter could slow the film down a couple of stops, if only a couple of stops is needed.

Scott --
21-Jul-2012, 15:18
Well, one reason why someone would pull this film is because I have the film, want to go out tomorrow, and don't have an ND filter, or a way to secure it to a bare element blue-tacked to the back of a lensboard. The lens is f/4.6, 12". I'd like to shoot a forest waterfall nearby, and want more than a 1/30 or less exposure. A couple seconds would be nice, but that's up to the lighting tomorrow - maybe the clouds will be with me. Slowing the film down a stop or two might get me in the ballpark depending on the cover tomorrow.

Heroique - great answer, thanks!

22-Jul-2012, 06:39
Scott according to the Massive dev. Chart. FP4 @ ASA50 HC110 dilution B development time 6 mins @ 20C. Furthermore you might wanna use a green filter if you have one, brightens the foliage and gives you one stop in speed loss from the ASA 50 to 25.

Good Luck