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20-Jul-2012, 04:45
Photography in the Pacific NW this September with my 4x5.

I don't do landscapes per se. I'm a portrait guy.

I just bought a Graflex Graphic View 4x5 large-format camera with a 152mm Kodak Ektar lens. It should arrive today.

When one is shooting Landscapes, are there any filters I should consider having to help achieve a really good image?

I know I've used polarizing filters in the past when I wanted a certain look with a person and blue sky. I plan on shooting some b/w as well as color. I have a package of Arista B/W sheet film, as well as some Portra 160.

I don't have filters for the lens on the camera, but I do have some filters red/yellow for my RB67. Can I just place the filter in front of the lens on the 4x5 while shooting b/w.

What else should I consider hardware wise to help maximize the shots taken while visiting..


20-Jul-2012, 04:53
I think I found something..


Kevin J. Kolosky
29-Aug-2012, 16:15
If you just bought that camera and you are going to take a trip to the pacific NW to make images with it I don't need to tell you to use it and everything else you get with it and for it on more than a few occasions before you go on your trip, including any filters you plan to use.

Brian C. Miller
29-Aug-2012, 20:27
The only thing I would suggest hardware-wise would be a compendium lens shade.

There really isn't anything special between shooting in, say, 35mm, vs large format when it comes to filters. All of them behave the same way. You just need something to hold the filter on the lens. Lee has a "gel-snap" adapter that will fit on almost any lens, for use with their gels. Both Lee and Cokin have some basic kits.

For B&W, go with a basic set of yellow, green, and red. For color, go with a haze filter, a basic warming filter, and a polarizer.