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19-Jul-2012, 16:42
How can I tell if a Caltar is a rebranded Schneider or a Rodenstock? (There's a huge difference in price.)

Steve Goldstein
19-Jul-2012, 16:57
Caltar-S is Schneider. Caltar-IIN (that's Roman 2) is Rodenstock. At least that's what I've read on the Internet, it must be true!

19-Jul-2012, 17:07
240mm Caltars also came as a Type Y, which is a Rodenstock Ysarex. The aperture is f/6.8, which means it fits in a No. 1 shutter, which is a nice advantage. The Ysarex is a good implementation of the tessar design. These will not be expensive when you can find one.

Rick "pleased with his example" Denney

Oren Grad
19-Jul-2012, 17:29
Caltar Type S is Rodenstock Sironar
Caltar Type S-II is Schneider Symmar-S
Caltar IIN is Rodenstock (Apo-)Sironar-N

19-Jul-2012, 19:30
Thanks, Guys.

Lynn Jones
20-Jul-2012, 11:23
For several years (from 1967) the German made Caltars were Rodenstock. Some time in the 1970's and thereafter every 2 years, Calumet would get Schneider and Rodenstock to price compete. Calumet did everything it its power to conceal the manufacturer's identity, while there was no difference in quality, people by their nature would fall in love with a brand name. Yes I was with the original Calumet Mfg Co and the slightly later Calumet Photographic Inc. In my years, I was Asst. to the VP of SMA, later Eastern Div. Mgr., and still later Western Div. Mgr.