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19-Jul-2012, 07:10
Hi - I have just purchased a Horseman 5 x 4 monorail and would like to use it with some of my barrel lenses. I assume that the bellows end of the front standard is Sinar shutter compatible?

If so I was thinking of purchasing a Sinar shutter - so will any type fit such as the Sinar Norma (I suspect I will not be able to afford a Sinar Digital).

Or must I look for a specific type. Is there anything to look for when purchasing?

I have an extra long throw shutter release cable supplied by Steve Grimes or must I get the Sinar one.

Thanks in advance

nn :)

Ed Bray
19-Jul-2012, 10:45
I had to cut about 3mm off the angled slider in order to fit my Sinar Shutter to my Horseman LX monorail. Mine is a P2 Shutter.

The Sinar Shutter cable release is unlike any I have seen before, it is built to be much more heavy duty, and has an angled end to it, it is almost 3ft long and is not very flexible, it is almost like a whip aerial rather than a cable release.

If you buy a Sinar shutter, it would be prudent to make sure it has the release and pc cable with it.

Lachlan 717
19-Jul-2012, 16:21
I fitted both a Sinar bag bellow and a Sinar shutter on to my LX with no issues.

20-Jul-2012, 05:29
Thank you both for the information

nn :)

23-Jul-2012, 18:43
You could also get packard shutter as long as you don't need the fast shutter speeds.

Kevin J. Kolosky
24-Jul-2012, 11:36
Getting the shutter isn't the half of it. Once you get that mounted you now have to get your lenses mounted in the proper Sinar DB boards.

Ken Lee
24-Jul-2012, 12:42
"Once you get that mounted you now have to get your lenses mounted in the proper Sinar DB boards."

We can use ordinary lenses on ordinary boards: for example, a 200mm Nikkor M, on a Technika board, with a Technika adapter. We leave the Nikkor's shutter open, and adjust f/stop to taste on the lens. With that configuration, we can use the Sinar shutter and get a nice timed 8-second exposure for example.

Of course, we can use lenses that have only been mounted on Sinar DB boards - and we can can also mount our "regular" lenses on Sinar DB boards, use them with the Sinar shutter, and then put them back into their original shutters and use them that way.

I do this with a 240 Fujinon A and150 Sironar S: I can mount them in its original shutters, or on a Sinar DB board. It's great being able to control the camera entirely from the rear, and squeeze the cable release to get a "depth of field preview" effect.