View Full Version : Wollensak & Ednalite 12" lenses

13-Feb-2004, 15:43
I have two lenses that belonged by my dad and I'd like to put them on eBay. But first I'd like to be able to say how they were used. One is a Wollensak 12" f/6.8 Apochromatic lens and the other is an Ednalite f/6.8 Repro Star 12" lens. This info is taken directly off the lens front. My dad had a microfilm business for 30+ years but he was also a collector of everything and anything. That's why I'm not sure if these are lenses he would have used in his business. They are both on plates with six holes. Any infor would be appreciated. Thanks, Cynthia

John Kasaian
13-Feb-2004, 17:15

It sounds like they might have been designed for use on a process camera.


Ernest Purdum
13-Feb-2004, 17:47
Apparently these are both lenses used for copying, optimized for at or near 1:1 subject/image ratio. The apertures are puzzling me, though. f6.8 is faster than one expects a lens of this nature to be. Usually they are somewhere between f8 and f11.