View Full Version : The "New" Deardorffs

18-Jul-2012, 16:40
I was wondering if anyone had purchased one of these and, if so, what their impressions were.



richard brown
19-Jul-2012, 17:45
I bought a new back for my 50 year old Deardorff and the folks in tennessee were great.... there was a slight delay because I wanted splitters and they had to modify
the back.... beautiful work and it smelled great. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a camera or parts from them.... and it is a great camera. Richard

20-Jul-2012, 23:50
I second this comment i have bought parts for my 57 year old V8 and they fit like new although the finnish was not a match i am a user not a collector. if it was not so heavy i would consider a new one (hopping for carbon fiber / titanium verson but i doubt i could aford one) peter