View Full Version : 305 f6.3 Ilex Acutar in Acme or 380 f5.6 Wollensak Raptar in Alphax?

John Conway
18-Jul-2012, 15:25
I am considering one of these lenses for my 8X10 C1 camera. Both of the lenses are the same price and condition. I would appreciate any input. I'm leaning toward the longer lens.

Louis Pacilla
18-Jul-2012, 15:37
Hey John

The 380 f5.6 Raptar sounds like a Telephoto lens and if that's the case it wont come close to covering 8x10. So if it is a Tele You will want to pick the Ilex 305 f6.3 which is a Kodak Commercial Ektar (Tessar) formula copy that should performs very well and cover 8x10 with a little wiggle room.

18-Jul-2012, 17:29
The raptar does sound like the tele. Although not intended for the size, I've read on-line (and seen scans) that it does cover 8x10, although maybe only for portrait distance. The acutar is a nice lens - I have the 215mm - but nothing spectacular.


Dan Fromm
18-Jul-2012, 18:07
Dan, I don't agree with you. Look here: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/wollensak_5.html

John Kasaian
18-Jul-2012, 18:09
I'd go with the Acutar unless I could communicate with someone who actually shoots with a 380 Raptar Wolly to convince me otherwise.