View Full Version : Zeiss Jena Tessar 150mm f4.5--FREE adapter ring

18-Jul-2012, 09:15
If anybody owns this lens, I had one, in a compur rimset shutter. All original in my PreAnniversary Speed Graphic, I think.

I had a ring adapter made for it so I could mount 52mm Nikon filters on it. It worked fine.

I no longer have the camera or lens, but I still have the adapter ring, if anybody thinks they'd find it useful. It appears to have a 40mm thread--outside diameter; I don't know the pitch.

If you think it might fit your lens, I'd be glad to send it to you. If it doesn't work for you, perhaps you could pass it along to somebody else with a similar need.

I paid $50 to have it made in an optical shop back in the 80s and I hate to see it go unappreciated.


18-Jul-2012, 18:14
E-mail sent.

27-Jul-2012, 15:35
Adapter ring arrived. Thank you.