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Kevin J. Kolosky
17-Jul-2012, 09:24
Where oh where does one find the so called Sinar Code # on DB lens mounts.

I purchased a DB mount from a person who advised me that it was the correct one for a Super Angulon lens. And when I installed the cells on the board they fit just fine. However, I now find out that because its a 121 mm lens (longer) it will not fit into the Sinar Shutter (no matter how hard I tried to beat it in there). So I need to find a different DB board.

Looking at this one carefully with a magnifying glass I cannot seem to find its code. There are a few numbers to be sure, but not the so called code number that resembles the code that I need for my lens, which I am told is 440-99-018. There are no numbers on this DB board that even remotely resemble that kind of number, and I assume that it would be just a digit or two off for the same lens in 90 mm.

So again, where are these code numbers on these DB lensboards?

Joseph Dickerson
17-Jul-2012, 10:08
Have you contacted Sinar/Bron? I'm sure they could tell you what you need.

Nice folks to talk to besides.


17-Jul-2012, 10:59
I've never seen the code printed or engraved on any Sinar part. There have been many times when I wished they printed them on the parts. But the Sinar folks can tell you the measurements, perhaps, that identify the compatibilities.

Rick "who uses service manuals, etc. to do detective work, but not for DB mounts" Denney

Kevin J. Kolosky
17-Jul-2012, 15:55
I hate to contact the company if I am not spending any money with them. But there must be some markings somewhere that identify these parts!!!!!

17-Jul-2012, 20:11
Nope, there is not.

Rick "who could probably figure it out with a calipers and some comparison lenses" Denney