View Full Version : Synchro-Compur with dual f-stop scales

17-Jul-2012, 06:55
I recently acquired such a shutter. I think it may have been intended for use with a Schneider 135/270mm convertible lens. One scale starts at f5.6 and goes to f45. The second scale starts at f12. I intend to use it with a 135mm lens presently mounted in a Copal #0. The Synchro shutter has an M setting for flash bulbs. I use bulbs on occasion just for fun. My Copal had only an X setting for electronic flash. I recently use flash bulbs with my Crown Graphic at my son's wedding. Got a lot of comments and questions. Lots of fun but several of my shots were failures because I used 1/30 shutter speed to capture the delayed flash. My question is whether the f-stop scale on my Synchro will match up to any 135mm lens or will I have to take test shots to determine any compensation that might be required. My lens is a f5.6 Rodenstock Sironar N that I acquired from Kerry Thalmann.

17-Jul-2012, 07:10
Ahoy, matey. I would suspect that it will work with a regular f/5.6 135mm lens, if it fits that shutter.

BTW, as you mention... shooting flash bulbs with x synch is a pain. I adapted a lens with x-synch shutter to flash capability by adding a Graflex sychronizer solenoid to trip the shutter. Sometimes going "old school" is very effective.

E. von Hoegh
17-Jul-2012, 07:16
Those Graflex sychronisers work very well when properly adjusted. I'm a big fan of low-tech high-performance thingies. The hinge is one of my favorite mechanical devices.