View Full Version : Toyo View D45M tripod bush size

16-Jul-2012, 06:33
I've finally tracked down a tripod mounting block for my old Toyo D45M, but the tripod mounting hole appears to be about 1/2" diameter.

Does anyone know the actual thread size, and whether adaptors are available to 3/8"

Many thanks

16-Jul-2012, 20:41
The D45M has a regular 1/4" size tripod bush. I've never seen a 1/2" bush on that camera. BUT, the last model - the black one - has a G style tripod block with both 1/4" and 3/8" bushes!
Have you tried to attach the block on the tripod? If it doesn't fit, a trip to the hardware store should solve the problem.


17-Jul-2012, 04:53
I've found this information, so it looks like I've got the 5/8 mount.

Whitworth size (in) Threads per inch Pitch (in) Tapping drill size

1/4 20 0.05 Number Drill 9 (5.1 mm)
3/8 16 0 0625 5/16 in (7.94 mm)
5/8 11 0 0909 13.5 mm (0.5315 in)

Nearly all current stills cameras accept a 1/4 in Whitworth tripod thread in their baseplate and many motion picture cameras accept a 3/8 in Whitworth, while a 5/8” thread is the accepted standard for tripod mounted land surveying equipment.

John Koehrer
17-Jul-2012, 18:04
If you have the 1/4" block, you could plug it then drill & tap to 3/8.
Actually you can do the same with the 5/8" insert a 5/8 bolt, remove the head, drill & tap.
Any hardware store will have the parts. Another alternative would be a local machine shop.