View Full Version : Can you give me information about this Symmar lense ?

15-Jul-2012, 05:47

I have the opportunity to have this symmar 5.6/300 convertible 12/500 (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/symmar/data/5,6-300mm.html).

The immediate propose would be to do that kind of picture (http://jeanmabar.fr/le-soleil-2/), meaning sunset with the sun right in front of the lense. Those pictures were done on Hasselblad/zeiss 4/150 CT* an 4/50 CF on provia 100F and Ekta 100VS.

Would this lense accept such sun right in face as did my Zeiss / Hasselblad ?

It will be used on a Sinar f2 4X5

Bob Salomon
15-Jul-2012, 06:39
A T* Hasselblad lens is multi coated so it has very low flare.
Is the lens that you are looking at multi coated? If not then you will have flare.

15-Jul-2012, 06:56
It is the question I was asking...

Mark Sampson
15-Jul-2012, 07:58
The 'convertible' Schneider Symmars are single-coated. They were made from the mid-'50s until 1972, when the line was replaced by the Symmar-S type. These, too, were single-coated for the first several years of production; later versions are multi-coated and say so on the lens mount. I have used several 'convertible' Symmars, but never for the type of picture you envision.

15-Jul-2012, 10:52
Pre-multicoated lenses aren't necessarily Single coated, this is a misnomer anyway as many later lenses have more than one coating.

My experience with Schneider Super Angulons is the later black versions (pre-MC) have far better coatings than the earlier silver (metal) versions, the same goes for the Sironar (mine's a convertible).