View Full Version : I need HELP! Making a camera back for my wet plate!

Wet Plater
15-Jul-2012, 01:41
Hey all, I have a wet plate camera that I restored, And it has no removable plate holder. It's essentially a blank canvas. Does anyone have any plans for the plate holder? I could really use some help! I am a decent carpenter, and I made quite a few dark boxes. I do 19th century mostly, the camera is of that era.


Thank you!


16-Jul-2012, 18:23
Give this a try , http://davidharms.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/how-to-convert-a-4x5-filmholder-to-a-wetplate-holder/

Then you can take your measurements off the completed project

This would allow you to use a standard 4x5 back.

22-Aug-2012, 10:35
I make dedicated wet plate holders

C. D. Keth
24-Aug-2012, 13:05
Jody, are your plate holders sensitive at all to the thickness of glass or other material used for the plate?

28-Aug-2012, 11:19
my holders take up to a 3.3 mm plate. thats thick enough for stained glass. tintype material and single thickness glass sheets work great.

28-Aug-2012, 12:08
I am going to be ordering one in couple weeks for 8x10, Jody ;)

28-Sep-2012, 22:38

30-Sep-2012, 22:49
its meant to read flat domestic shipping rate. My holders are close to a fairchild plate recorder but there are some differences.