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12-Jul-2012, 06:22
My Sinar Norma, which seems to be a younger 4x5” version with nylon gears, is a bit wiggly and loose on the rail. I have no idea if this is possible to amend? There are no pipe wrench marks anywhere and no signs of abuse, everything fits, if a bit loose/wiggly. The condition to me seems more like in “slightly used and never CLA'd” condition.

I also wonder if the rubber (?) inserts on the inside of the part that grips the rail has anything to do with it, ie if changing these would accomplish anything. However, I am not going to do any DIY, I'd rather send it out if I deem it a worthwhile expense.

This is my second Norma in a short while and I am starting to wonder if I need to sign up for some sort of breeding license? Now, I'd just need an 8x10 back and I would be set for life. :)

A secondary question - on the back standard there is no way to tighten down the fine focus - did this function change over time?

jose angel
12-Jul-2012, 07:59
The "rubber" inserts should be made from somekind of black plastic material (rigid), nylon I`d say (eight pieces per standard). Cannot be the lever tightened enough to firmly hold the standard? It should.

About the lever that lock the fine focus knob, on mine it is a bit on the loose side; to lock it right an extra effort (torque) is needed... and even after this, the focusing knob isn`t locked at all. I think I have to clean it any day. I doubt it is worn out. I wonder if yours too.

I also want a 8x10" standard... or even a 5x7" one! :)

12-Jul-2012, 11:31
The levers could be (over)tightened to stop the loose/wiggly feel but I don't think that is a good idea in the long run. It leads to wrenches and even more work for the camera tech. :) As for the back standard, I'll put up a photo of the fine focus lever.

I think one of the guys on here, Jammo, has a 5x7" back in the for sale section.

jose angel
12-Jul-2012, 11:36
The levers are absolutely smooth, with a little effort they lock the standards, so I think there is an issue with your pads, or maybe the shape of the part is wrong (bent?).

Thanks, I`ll check the FS section.

Drew Wiley
12-Jul-2012, 12:03
The part that fits around the rail is basically a clamshell device. There are two screws on
each side, which in turn are each locked into position by a small metric set screw installed
at right anges, at the front and back of the block. You loosen these small screws first, then carefully tighten the clamshell screws just enough to slide over the rail while still
tightening firmly when the clamp is activated. You need to balance these main screws so
the whole system remains correctly aligned, then retighten the little set screws.

12-Jul-2012, 14:16
Thanks Drew, for the explanation about the "clamshell". Here is a (bad) photo but I guess you get the idea about the fine focus - it is missing the tightening lever that is on the front standard.


Mark Sampson
12-Jul-2012, 14:29
Look in the 'new products' section here for an excellent guide to maintaining your Norma.

jose angel
13-Jul-2012, 01:37
My guess is that you have a "refurbished" Norma, with a new and an old standard on it.
I think the fine focus part in the pic is the "new" version" (no locking lever). If the other has a locking lever (of similar design to all other levers in the camera), more likely it is the older (original) version.

13-Jul-2012, 11:25
I guess the cobbled-together angle is a good one. I know the camera came from a bigger lot of Norma cameras, with one being a complete 4x5/5x7/8x10 kit that I missed out on.

The rail is not correct either (extension rail pressed into service) and the most annoying thing is - it's missing one of the swing degree scales. I got a quote for $150 on that part the other day. :rolleyes:

Frank Petronio
13-Jul-2012, 11:36
It is often less expensive to purchase an entire extra Norma and use the best parts, resell the left overs with honest descriptions and move on.

13-Jul-2012, 14:30

I am a bit on the fence about it, to be honest. I already have a 5x7 in comparatively very nice condition, so maybe it'll turn out like that, selling off the parts and investing any money in something else. Buying yet another Norma to save the 4x5" one I have now feels like admitting to be an LF addict...