View Full Version : Viability of 1/2 plate international back on Thornton Pickard Imperial camera

11-Jul-2012, 15:03
Hi ! I've just joined after popping on to the site a number of times recently. I'm quite new to photography and so I'm still learning.
I've recently got into large format and I have built my own camera (I'll add photos etc in the appropriate thread later).
My question relates to a Thornton Pickard Imperial Triple-Extension 1/2 plate view camera which I purchased recently. The camera has had the front standard supports replaced and other mods, so I decided to tidy it up and get it working as a functional device.
I've added a 1/2 plate international back to hopefully use with 5x7 film holders? Can anyone advise me of the viability of this - I understand that the dimensions are compatible with 5x7 holders. I77044

I've attached a photo of the camera and sprung back (hopefully) for your comments


6-Sep-2012, 17:12
Problem solved: the sprung back is correct!