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Juergen Sattler
10-Feb-2004, 17:47
Has anyone ever seen (or made) a 4x4 lens board fitted into a Sinar View Camera lens board? I just bought a Linhof Field camera on eBay and would like to use my existing lenses for my Sinar F1 on the Linhof as well. Ideally I would want to mount the lenses on Linhof lens boards but then mount the Linhof lens boards on Sinar lens boards, so I can use them now on my Sinar. Is there someone out there who would customize lens boards to make this possible - I do not want to buy new lenses for the Linhof, if I can avoid it. Thanks for your help.

Steve Hamley
10-Feb-2004, 17:59

S. K. Grimes can make the adapters. Send them one of each and they will make the adapter out of the Sinar board. IIRC, Sinar also makes Sinar-to-Technika adapters, and Ebony make them also, although I doubt you'd want a wooden adapter on your Sinar.




Juergen Sattler
10-Feb-2004, 18:12

Thank You so much for the quick response. I wasn't sure if this was a crazy idea or not. I will contact SK Grimes and see what they can do for me.


David A. Goldfarb
10-Feb-2004, 18:41
I have precisely such an adapter. I bought it used and it seems to be homemade, but it is quite functional, and I've seen several different styles. In addition to allowing me to switch lenses easily between my 8x10" and 4x5" cameras, the lenses that fit on the smaller boards take up less space in my 8x10" bag.

S. K. Grimes is a good source, but you might just check to see whether the Sinar or other off-the-shelf Sinar-Technika adapters is less expensive than a custom adapter.

Ralph Barker
10-Feb-2004, 18:42
Juergen - although an adapter board from SK Grimes would be far more elegant, I made my own for my Tachihara, enabling me to standardize on the 110mm Toyo boards and allowing me to move lenses between several cameras.


Jim Rice
10-Feb-2004, 19:25

That certainly isn't inelegant at all.


Frank Filippone
10-Feb-2004, 20:10
I have a Toyo LB that accepts Linhof LB. If you want to see what it looks like, please ask....Email me directly

Frank red735i@earthlink.net

10-Feb-2004, 21:32

Sinar makes (or use to make) such an adapter... you see them every so often on Ebay but I've not seen one in the last little while.

BTW... they cost a small fortune!

And, I concur with Steve... S.K. Grimes is probably the more reasonable route to go.

Good luck on finding one.


David E. Rose
11-Feb-2004, 06:42
Bromwell Marketing stocks this type of board- I just bought one. Sinar and Horseman make them as well. The Bromwell board is well made and sells for $169, the Horseman and Sinar boards are at least double that.

Todd Wright
11-Feb-2004, 07:01
Richard Ritter also makes then. www.lg4mat.net.

g. wiley
11-Feb-2004, 16:39
Adorama markets a Sinar to Technika adapter for $159.


James Venis
11-Feb-2004, 22:06
While you're getting quotes, you may also want to check with:

Jim Galvin; 2800 Riverside Blvd; Sacramento CA 95818; jgalvin@cwo.com

Frank Filippone
11-Feb-2004, 22:46
Jim Galvin passed away recently.

Ted Harris
12-Feb-2004, 09:06
Horseman also makes such an adaptor that fits the Sinar. While you are looking check with Midwest, Jimusually ahs one of thse in stock used at around $125.

Juergen Sattler
12-Feb-2004, 17:13
To all: Thank you very much for all your suggestions and advice. It seems that I have more options than I thought. Juergen