View Full Version : Using Tubes for first time

Gary Tarbert
11-Jul-2012, 02:23
Hi i have some delta 100 8 x 10 to develop , I am going to use BTZ tubes for the first time with rodinal 1:50 , I have not used this combo before , i also have some ilfosol S if others think this combo would work better , I have been using Acros /Rodinol up till now , But have been forced to change due to availability. With the tubes being agitated constantly what times etc would i exspect to use or would you just develop the same times as a tank where the agitation is only every minute of the process . Any help would be appriciated . Cheers Gary

Brian Ellis
11-Jul-2012, 05:40
I used the BTZS tubes for years but I can't tell you a time because I never used that film or those developers. But you definitely don't want to use the same time as you would with intermittent agitation if you'll be rolling the tubes constantly (as you should in order to prevent uneven development). Surely there must be a time published somewhere for the use of these two developers with your film and with constant agitation. For normal development I'd just use that time for starters, preferably with some unimportant negatives. In terms of a starting time for normal development there shouldn't be a big difference between constant agitation in the tubes vs agitation in trays or some other way.

Gary Tarbert
11-Jul-2012, 15:50
Thanks Brian , I might just pull the dev time by 15% and work from there . Cheers Gary

mike rosenlof
12-Jul-2012, 07:02
I've done 4x5 in open tubes for years. Compared to intermitent agitation, a 10 to 15% decrease in dev time is usually pretty good.