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11-Jul-2012, 01:29

Until now, I was using Fuji Hunt 3-bath kits.
As they are no longer being produced, that makes me think about my future chemistry.
I've got my Jobo ATL1000 up and running now alongside my Jobo CPE2.

So I could switch to the Tetenal 3-bath or the Fuji Hunt 6-bath.
I'm aware of the double amount of chemistry for 6-bath, but apart from this aspect:

Two questions:
1) How does the Tetenal 3-bath compare to the Fuji Hunt 3-bath?
Is there any difference? Colors / Shadow+highlight detail / etc

2) How does the 6-bath compare?
What exactly does it do better?

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11-Jul-2012, 06:18
6 bath has separate bleach/fix steps, not combined like 3 bath. All photo labs use 6 step and there's info already on the web why it's "better" so I won't misquote it. If you're lucky enough to get the fuji stuff, go for it. We don't have any more 6 step kits here in the states.

11-Jul-2012, 06:21
Yeah, but in terms of actual image quality differences?
Apart from the "the-pros-do-it-so-it-must-be-good" ;-)

Like I think one improved aspect is improved lifetime / stability / preservability of the chromes?

Are you sure, I guess this one must be available as well?: http://www.ag-photographic.co.uk/fuji-hunt-chrome6-e6-kit-5l-1758-p.asp
Otherwise I think they would also send to the USA...

11-Jul-2012, 07:44
Aah, here has been some discussion about the USA 6-bath availability: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?79835-E-6-at-home&highlight=six+bath

Advantages of 6-bath I found so far:
* better pushability ( Source: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum40/23607-3-bath-vs-6-bath-e6-kits.html )
* Fuji brand claimed to have potential better first developer (interimage, edge effects, stability) ("A" source see below)
* 3-bath blix claimed to leave some more silver in the chrome which leads to more density/shadows ("B")

A) Source http://www.apug.org/forums/forum40/23607-3-bath-vs-6-bath-e6-kits.html

The E6 first developer is a high solvent, high acutance developer with special ingredients to promote good interimage, edge effects and stability. Many brands other than Fuji and Kodak do not use the same chemistry and suffer from a host of minor faults in the above characteristics. Some are severe and some are minor. All exist unless the exact method in the Kodak/Fuji formulas is followed.

This includes a balance of pH, bromide and iodide as well as the use of Hydroquinone monosulfonate for proper development. If these are not used properly, development in the many layers is not correct.

As for bleach then fix and blix processing, the blix for films is less stable and tends to allow for retained silver. A team of us spent over a year trying to develop a good blix for E6 and C41 and failed to do the job to our satisfaction although it yielded a lot of novel work and one patent. At present, I'm still trying to design a good blix and I now have one formula that works. It is not all that stable, but it works as well as can be expected when mixing an oxidant and a reductant.

So, be careful and beware of blixes used for color film processing. I have read several threads discussing retained silver problems from such processes.


B) Source http://www.flickr.com/groups/ishootfilm/discuss/72157627682316710/

nickrapak sagt:
The problem with the blix is that not all of the silver will be bleached out properly with the blix. It's an inherent property of the chemicals used, and can't be solved by just leaving the film in the blix longer. The silver might be barely noticeable, but it does affect sharpness and resolution.

12-Jul-2012, 01:28
Trying to summarize all the essential points here ...

New points:

six-bath E6 process is preferred because it is easier to correct for colour problems over the long term by adjusting the baths individually (timing and pH)
Source: http://photo.net/film-and-processing-forum/00Mxm9

12-Jul-2012, 22:05
Are you sure, I guess this one must be available as well?: http://www.ag-photographic.co.uk/fuji-hunt-chrome6-e6-kit-5l-1758-p.asp
Otherwise I think they would also send to the USA...

You are correct. I purchased two 6-bath kits from them about 2 months ago. Shipping took about a week, but it was smooth and I'm half-way through the first 5-L kit right now. Reminds me of the old Kodak 5-L kit.