View Full Version : Compatible Film Holders for 2d

11-Jul-2012, 01:02
Wondering if i am able to use other types of holders like Fidelity or Toyo for the Eastman 2D, a simple yes or no will work but recommendations for what will work are vey much appreciated and welcome, please don't judge the question for it is only a question to help me move forward in my photographic journey, thanks for any help delivered.

Jim Noel
11-Jul-2012, 06:31

E. von Hoegh
11-Jul-2012, 06:35
Any standard Lisco, Fidelity, Riteway, Kodak, etc. holder will work just hunky-dory.
You may want to check out the homepage of this forum.

11-Jul-2012, 19:07
Thanks for the aswers guys, Mr. von Hoegh, will do. Thanks again.