View Full Version : A zombie box of 8x10 Fortepan 200...

John Kasaian
10-Jul-2012, 20:36
...which didn't know Fortepan was dead!
I'm tapping into my last box of the stuff for a personal project. I'm sad to see it go, but I need to use up my old stock anyway (EXP was 2004!) I pulled the box out of the freezer and it's thawing right now (it won't take long in this weather!) According to a stamp on the box I ordered it from Eight Elm Photo Video in Toronto (why did I do that? Maybe there was a Fortepan shortage in the US at the time?)
Ahh... the fun one can have whilst rummaging through the freezer!:rolleyes:

Jay DeFehr
10-Jul-2012, 20:40
I still have a bunch in 3x4, for my Graflex-- 400, too. Good stuff.