View Full Version : cambo legend 4x5 & 8x10 monorails interchangeable?

10-Jul-2012, 15:38
I've had a Legend 8x10 front and rear standards for a couple of years and wanted to fit them onto a monorail. I finally purchased a used 4x5" cambo legend complete camera on ebay but discovered that the 8x10 standards do not fit the 4x5 monorail--even though the design is the same. The 4x5" rail is slightly smaller than the foot piece of either of the two 8x10 standards. I cannot find any reference that the monorails were different between the two cameras but a lot of references of people who have used them interchangeably. I was thinking of switching the standard bases but that looks complicated. Any thoughts or experiences with this issue?

10-Jul-2012, 16:28
Are you sure you do not have an scx 8x10, which has a similar profile but is a bigger rail; the only odd ball of he cambo lot.

10-Jul-2012, 16:33
Yes, I am sure it's a Legend monorail--fits the 4x5" legend I now have but not the 8x10 Legend--each of the cameras are clearly marked and the profile for where the standards connect to the rail are the same--just different size, a bit frustrating seeing I wanted to get this 8x10 back on its "feet."

10-Jul-2012, 19:27
Can't help but here is cambo's web site. look under 4x5 accessories to see the rails

11-Jul-2012, 05:18
Thanks again, was on the website but still no information about whether or not there were two different size monorails for the 8x10 and 4x5 versions of the cambo Legend. Anyone else have experience swapping out the Legend 4x5 for the 8x10 standards?

11-Jul-2012, 09:39
I have a Legend 8X10, as well as a 4X5 rear standard which I use on the same rail. There is no problem with fit or function.

One small suggestion, though. The standards, both 8X10 and 4X5, have small wedge plates on the inner surfaces of the rail clamps, These are removable, and may, in fact, be missing on your 8X10 standards. That would allow loose movement and instability.

If your 4X5 standards are solid and smooth on the rail, remove them and compare the inner structure of the rail clamps, with those of the 8X10 standards. If the little wedge plates are missing from the larger standard clamps, you can remove them from the 4X5 standards and use them on the 8X10. Perhaps use a little bit of thin rubber glue, or 2-sided tape, to hold them in place.

11-Jul-2012, 10:11
Yes, that was it, THANKS!!!! Will see if I can find me some replacements, would be nice having access to both cameras....