View Full Version : Super Angulon 65mm 5.6 examples without center / centre filter

10-Jul-2012, 11:49
I have recently bought a 65mm Super Angulon 5.6. I understand it covers 4x5 but there will be fall off without a centre filter.

I don't particularly mind fall off in black and white, but wondered if anyone had examples of images (colour or black and white) taken without a centre filter using this lens. I know that I will only really find out by getting out and using it, but the weather over here is lousy and I would be interested in seeing what to expect when it eventually stops raining.

As an aside, any suggestions on where to get the centre filter?


10-Jul-2012, 11:56
if that doesn't work, wait for bob from hp to chime in.

10-Jul-2012, 12:01
Great, thanks for the help.