View Full Version : Nikkor 135mm W Question

9-Jul-2012, 13:35
I've got one of these & while it barely covers 5x7 @ f22 & above, I was wondering what I would have if I removed the rear element? More coverage, less, different focal length, or what? Thanks for any help!

Kevin Crisp
9-Jul-2012, 13:54
You will have a badly corrected longer slower lens with slightly more coverage. Actually I'm surprised a 135 will cover 5X7 and be sharp to the edges. Why don't you try it?

9-Jul-2012, 15:52
Last time I was out shooting 8x10 I took the front element off my 'modern' Fujinon-W 300mmm and the results were bad, being very un-sharp. It was worse than I had expected for a landscape. Maybe ok for a portrait?

Kevin Crisp
12-Jul-2012, 11:33
I'm going to guess that with just the front or the rear lens you'll have something around 235mm and a maximum effective aperture between f:16 and f:22. It is generally held that having a single element behind the aperture will work better.