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9-Feb-2004, 21:30
I just picked up a Fujinon T-400mm lens. Serial number is 693434. The lens was purchased used, but looks brand new - there isn't a mark on it, anywhere.

Where I'm a bit confused is on the shutter. All of my lenses are modern, with most of them purchased new. They all have new copal shutters in them, where the aperature adjustment is controlled by a small plastic triangular knob on the 'top' of the lens, behind the shutter winder arm.

This lens has the aperature adjustment knob on the bottom of the lens, and it's made of the same material as the shutter winder knob. The speed ring is plastic, with coarse 'treads'. The shutter is all black.

A friend has a much older version of the same lens - he's had it for 15 years or so (I think). His shutter has a metal speed ring, but has the same bottom-mounted aperature adjustment knob.

I've checked out Kerry T's website, and he states that serial numbers for Fujinon lenses are all over the map, with no logical sequencing, so it's pretty difficult to determine age from serial numbers.

Anyone have any idea how old this lens is? From looking at the images on Badger Graphic's website, almost all the Fuji lenses seem to be using the same Copal shutter as the one on my 400mm. Are these 'special' Copal shutters made for Fuji? BTW, the image shown on Badger's website is exactly what I have in front of me.


Steve Hamley
10-Feb-2004, 03:47

The metal "knobs" on both adjustments doesn't have to do with age - all Japanese lenses (at least that I've seen) have Copals made this way. The German lenses have the plastic knob. I've bought brand new Fujis with the metal knobs. I haven't the slightest idea why they do this!

Where is the lettering on the barrel? Lettering around the outside of the barrel indicates a later lens. Letting on the inside the filter ring indicates an older vintage.



Steve Hamley
10-Feb-2004, 05:29
Oops, that should be "Fuji" lenses, not "all Japanese". I really have to stop posting before coffee.



Gem Singer
10-Feb-2004, 06:19
Hi Ken,

The Fuji 400T lens that I have is serial number 693382. It was purchased new during the past two and a half years (I cannot remember the exact date). Judging from the sequence of the numbers, your lens is slightly newer than mine.

The all black Copal 1 shutter with the round metal aperature lever is the latest model Copal shutter. Kerry Thalmann designates it as a Copal "B" type, on his Fujinon webpage.

I have owned thirteen of the latest model Fujinon lenses in the past few years. All of them are mounted in in Copal "B" shutters.

The only difficulty I ran into was when I attempted to use a Linhof Tech-type recessed lensboard. A Copal 0 "B" type shutter could be mounted inside of the recessed board, but there wasn't enough clearance to allow full use of the aperature settings. The round knob would bump up against the inside of the recessed area preventing it from turning all the way.

10-Feb-2004, 06:30
Steve: the lettering is on the outside, on both elements.

Eugene: I think you've nailed it. So, as far as I'm concerned, this lens is practically new, and was very lightly used.

Thanks guys!