View Full Version : Bellows length, Toyo 45CF

Louis Jensen
9-Feb-2004, 21:25
The Toyo 45CF is advertised to have a minimum bellows extension of 80.3 mm. I have an f5.6 75 mm Super-Angulon lens with an advertised flange local length of 82.8 mm. If both of these numbers are correct, I should be able to focus this lens at infinity with a few mm of movement. I measured the flange focal length of the lens and obtained a number a little larger than 82.8 mm. Do any of you know the accuracy of the 80.3 mm number? Have any of you used this lens on the Toyo 45CF?

David A. Goldfarb
9-Feb-2004, 21:31
If it doesn't quite make it, you could use a recessed lensboard.

Jean-Marie Solichon
10-Feb-2004, 00:08
Louis, I routinely use the SA 75/5,6 / ToyoCF combo. With the 12,5 recessed lensboard. It works well, but the front standard is at the very rear of the focusing rail. I won't advertise to use a flat lensboard. NB: in my opinion the 45CF is a very capable camera. I switched from the 45AII one year ago and will not go back.

Gem Singer
10-Feb-2004, 06:32
Hi Louis,

The difficulty is not the length of the flange focal distance. It is the bellows compression. You will find that the 12.5mm recessed lensboard will allow this lens to be focused at infinity and still be able to use front rise, shift, and tilt. Without the recessed lensboard, the compressed bellows will interfere with these movements

Gem Singer
10-Feb-2004, 14:34
Louis, P.S.,

A 75 wide angle, even when used with a recessed lensboard, will clip the front edge of the focusing rack (include it in the picture), especially when using the camera in the vertical format . The drop bed feature will need to be used to correct the problem.

Peter Esbensen
11-Feb-2004, 08:42
I also have the 45CF and the 75 Super Angulon. As others mentioned, it can be done, but you need the recessed lens board and you'll need to drop the bed. All this is a little bit of a pain. I probably can get better at it, but using this setup probably takes me twice as long to take a picture than with a standard lens.