View Full Version : 2d done!!!!!

9-Feb-2004, 20:20
Well the 4 and a half year rebuild of the 2d is finished with the completion of a lens board-out of a 97 cent craft plaque from Walmart. Each little sheet of plywood I bought warped within a week of puchase. Comes from having little to no insulation in this company house oh well it is done.

Jim the lens looks great and covers quite well. Thanks.

Now I am wondering about a fresnel lens if I do get one does it go on the outside of the GG or the inside? The GG is pretty dark.

time to shoot some film. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions.

Eric Woodbury
9-Feb-2004, 21:55
Fresnel goes on the outside, but don't bother. IMO a good darkcloth is worth much more. Get it really dark in there and you'll be able to see the corners.

Darin Cozine
10-Feb-2004, 00:18
Mark, Congratz on your completion of a project. I have far too many projects sitting in parts right now. Soon I am just going to have to store them on the driveway and the front lawn. =]

Well im not sure what lens you have, but if it a normal or long lens you will be fine without a fresnel. With a wide lens the fresnel really does help. I second the motion for you to get or make a good dark cloth.