View Full Version : Velostigmat series II

8-Jul-2012, 07:26

is it better to buy a Velostigmat series II lens with soft focus or without it?
I have the choice but read that i can modify the standard one to get the same result.
Is a Tessar design or Anastigmat? I read different thread that calling for both design.
What will be the best length to use on a 5x7 for film and half plate?


John Kasaian
8-Jul-2012, 07:34
I believe my Velostigmat Series II is a Tessar. It doesn't have the "soft focus" adjustment, but unstopped it is very nice indeed! Unless you are adamant about having a soft focus lens, I'd go with whichever condition/price/shutter is best. Apparently you can enhance the "soft focus" effect by loosening the front element of a regular Velo II bit---do a search, others have written about it.

Dan Fromm
8-Jul-2012, 08:38
tessars are anastigmats, as are many other design types.