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8-Jul-2012, 05:27

Can I ask advice on this lens?
Nikon Nikkor-W 150mm f5.6 Large format lens in a Copal 0 shutter with plate.

its on ebay and I only have 90mm for my new arca swiss purchase and see that most people use a 150mm.

Anyone know if these nikon lens are any good or should I save up for something else.

I eventualy want to be taking environmental portraits with the camera if that helps.

pic attached

8-Jul-2012, 05:36
I'm a fan of Nikkor lenses. I have the 75/4.5, 90/8 & 210/5.6. I'll probably pick up a 150 someday. That being said, the differences between Nikon, Fuji, Rodenstock and Schneider will be subtle.


Erik Larsen
8-Jul-2012, 06:01
I like mine. If the price is right it should be a good performer. You might check keh.com to get a look at prices to compare.

8-Jul-2012, 06:05
cool thanks guys, i'll check that out

8-Jul-2012, 06:07
would around 100 be good?

8-Jul-2012, 06:32
At that price it's a steal as long as it is a 9 or better. The Nikon 150 W is an excellent performer. Very sharp even for closeups (1/3). I've had mine for 20+ years and always happy with the results.

8-Jul-2012, 11:56
All modern lenses are "good". Competition was so strong among the four major manufacturers (Schneider, Rodenstock, Nikon, and Fujinon) that the differences are very slight.

The lens in the picture is mounted on a Technika lensboard. You could get an Arca board and have the lens moved to it by someone with the proper tools, or you can buy an adapter that would let you use that lens and board on your Arca without modification. I would recommend the adapter, since Technika boards are quite commonly encountered.