View Full Version : Plaubel Peco Profia, lens board size?

Ed Bray
7-Jul-2012, 02:44
I recently purchased a (5x7 & 4x5) Plaubel Peco Profia (ebay item 220786864940) and would like to know what size lensboards it takes?

Also, Is there a Linhof to Plaubel adapter available and if so where? or am I going to need to adapt a Linhof to Sinar lensboard to sort this (plenty of Chinese knock offs available)? The Linhof to Sinar lensboard is 140mm square but has a normal Linfof plate sized 84mm hole.

The Walker SF45 also takes Linhof boards so I will mount all my lenses in them to give me tha option of using all lenses on all cameras (well all except the 47mm SA XL and 75mm SA MC).


7-Jul-2012, 03:13
Maybe these guys have something... see www.plaubel.com - otherwise I guess someone sufficiently skilled could machine it for you.

Ed Bray
7-Jul-2012, 03:40
Thanks, yes it would appear they have two solutions, one Linhof to Plaubel and another Sinar to Plaubel (I already have a Linhof to Sinar adapter). Both are in excess of €210, so whilst not a showstopper perhaps a bit more than I want to spend for what is little more than a metal plate.

7-Jul-2012, 04:02
The Profia boards are about 166mm square, but they have a rather complicated profile:

The corners are radiused.
The edges are undercut on the front about 1mm deep all the way around, with two raised bosses on each side.
There's a small square cutout 3,5mm wide at top center and at bottom center.
There are two rectangular cutouts on the top, 11mm wide, starting 34mm each side of center.
The bottom edge is beveled on the reverse, to facilitate mounting.

- Leigh

15-Jul-2012, 10:06
FS : http://www.leboncoin.fr/image_son/306345806.htm?ca=12_s

Bob Mann
15-Jul-2012, 11:12
I think there are two different Plaubel board designs - same overall size, but different light trap design on the back - you will need to know which will fit your camera. I think the one Leigh described are the newer ones.

15-Jul-2012, 11:43
Old plates had felt strip light seals (which may have decomposed by now), the later version has a profiled light trap. The corresponding later cameras will take either, but early ones seem to leak with the later profiled plates. Be warned, Plaubel also had smaller board sizes, used on the 6x9 cameras (which could be expanded to large format with a tapered bellows and 166mm replacement rear frame, retaining the 120mm front) - 120mm and even 90mm (as the front standard size of the smallest cameras).

Ed Bray
15-Jul-2012, 11:54
Thanks all for the info, I bought 3 lensboards (the wrong size) and have given up with the Plaubel boards now, too pricey, limited supply of used and they are asking silly prices for them.

I am having the one board that came with the camera adapted to take a technika board, I have more than enough of them spare, as well as one for every lens. It also saves having to either dedicate a set of lenses to a particular camera and I know that I can use them on all four cameras without messing about.