View Full Version : Ilford XP2 in D-76?

6-Jul-2012, 15:55
Hello All!

I've heard it was possible to develop XP2 in regular darkroom chemicals, but I wanted to
make sure it was a fact.

What time/temp would you recommend for developing it in D-76 1:1?

John Flavell
6-Jul-2012, 19:24
I don't know if this makes it a fact, but I did find this with a google search:


Neal Chaves
9-Jul-2012, 18:06
I have developed XP2 with good results in HC110B but I can't remember the development time. The negatives have fine grain. You can put them through C41 or Ilford XP2 process at any time later and develop and fix the dye cloud. This may be a way to get more speed and contrast out of XP2.

9-Jul-2012, 18:37
Even color film has silver... and developing the layers in a BW developer makes sense. Color film has silver that is developed and the dyes combine with the silver. the bleach fix rids the film of the silver from the layers and leaves the color dyes in place...Short color film how it works.... I bet you could develop slide film with d76... But why would you want to? Film is so expensive these days