View Full Version : T-MAX RS Developer in Canada

4-Jul-2012, 19:22
I have been trying to find T-MAX RS Developer in Montreal, no luck so far. Is B&H the only choice?

4-Jul-2012, 20:23
The only places I know that still sell chemicals are L.L.Lozeau (St-Hubert), and Photo Service (Notre-Dame). If they don't have, try Freestyle for cheaper shipping than B&H? I just ordered a bunch of stuff from them for, IIRC, $22 shipping.

4-Jul-2012, 21:31
ACtually b&H has the best shipping cost to Canada via Purulator but you need to pay the HST/QST.

6-Jul-2012, 05:56
I buy all my chemicals from B&H. The shipping costs to Montreal are reasonable, try to buy as much stuff as you can in one shipment.

6-Jul-2012, 15:56
Thanks all for your replies!
the shipping cost for this product is much lower in B&H than Freestyle, guess B&H is the choice.