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4-Jul-2012, 10:35
I'm still relatively brand new to all things LF, and really want to try out tintype photography with my Orbit 4x5. I have no idea about what kind of film holders I need to get or if I have to start rigging my own. I have two sheet film holders but they seem so thin I don't imagine I can put metal or glass into them. So does anyone have any resources on where to get holders or some good DIY tricks on making some?

Mark Sawyer
4-Jul-2012, 11:46
More modern film holders (Fidelity/Lisco/Regal) can be converted, but you lose some area. A 4x5 could handle perhaps a 3x4 plate. The process for converting them is posted in a few places you can find with a search. Here's a discussion about a wet plate back for an 8x10 that applies:


Greg Bliss
5-Jul-2012, 11:02
There is many examples in the -wet plate collodion forum- and youtube. simple and quick.

Joe Smigiel
6-Jul-2012, 22:56
Pick up a 4x5 Graphic #1234 film pack adapter off ebay for maybe $15 including shipping. They are very easily converted and will allow you to do a full-frame 4x5 plate.

To convert them, use some foam weatherstripping near the end of the holder that locks and incorporate some sort of spacer and/or an insert to position the plate where you want it. Instead of a plexiglass insert, I've epoxied 4 thin metal corners (from trophy aluminum plate) to support the ambrotype or tintype plate, and also used epoxy to glue in some spacer strips for positioning. Here are pictures of one mounted in a sliding back on a B&J 5x7 camera.



Lundphotographics.com (http://lundphotographics.com/shop/viewcategory.php?groupid=1) will do a film holder conversion for you, but going that route will not get a full-frame 4x5.

8-Jul-2012, 13:25
or buy on of my new wet plate holders