View Full Version : What does the Fujichrome F suffix mean?

3-Jul-2012, 19:44
Some films like Velvia are available in both 100 and 100F versions.

What's the difference?

The non-suffix version appears to be slightly finer grain and sharper.

Both versions have an RMS granularity of 8.

- Leigh

I Am Luna
3-Jul-2012, 20:07
If I remember correctly, F stands for Finer because it has an extra layer of color. The differences are numerous.

4-Jul-2012, 00:57
Seems to mean "flatter colour". Kind of. Not that there's anything other than RVP100 available now in both F and non-F.

4-Jul-2012, 06:01
I'm not going to make wild guesses. If i remember correctly, 100f came out prior to velvia 100 as an alternative to rvp. Many folks didn't like it.
Then there's also astia 100f.

6-Jul-2012, 16:51
I thought it stood for "Fuji" :)

You know, sort of a Deja Vu! :)

6-Jul-2012, 16:53
You know, sort of a Deja Vu! :)
Shouldn't that be "Deja Fu"? :D

- Leigh

6-Jul-2012, 16:58
Or "Feja Fu"? :D