View Full Version : Can you help ID and price these two lenses? Wollenstock and Red Dot Artar

3-Jul-2012, 19:16
Hello. I've been trying to research these online, and found a little bit of info in this forum. I'm not well versed in large format photography, but I have used a monorail. I'm a 4th year photography student, so I understand the gist of things.

I've acquired these lenses and I want to know more about their value and use. I took some photos if that helps.

Apochromat Red Dot Artar 19 in f/11 (no shutter, with board) serial # 781569
- I found the most info on this one. Was made in the 1950's, right? They seem to be going for around $175 on ebay, is that an accurate value?

Wollensak 10 1/4" f/10 Apochromatic Raptar serial # D12891
-Couldn't find much info on this one. Is this one an enlarger lens? Any value?

Thanks for any help!

Steven Tribe
4-Jul-2012, 01:17
Wollensak were good at giving information and an enlarging lens would have been marked as an enlarging lens.
This is a process lens (black and white aperture ring markings, like an enlarging lens) from the post WW2 era - the G claron of its time.
Perfectly OK as a ordinary camera lens but not a "collector" lens! There must be similar items on completed e**y listings to find out what people are paying for these.

John Kasaian
4-Jul-2012, 11:23
If I were in the market, I'd be happy to get my mitts on a clean 19" Artar in barrel for $175. It is a swell lens on an 8x10. The older APO Artars generally aren't coated, the later Red Dots are usually found single coated. I have both.
An absolutely beautiful lens with or without the dot, IMHO.

Mark Sawyer
4-Jul-2012, 11:36
Keep in mind these both have restricted maximum apertures and no shutters. Either should be a fine lens within those limits. The yellow dot on the Artar indicates a single AR coating, as does the circled W on the Wollensak. As Steven said, check the finished ebay listings for value, never the "buy it now". These are both fairly common lenses, so there should be some comparison figures...