View Full Version : Edward Weston show - 103 vintage prints - 12 Kodachromes - Dayton, Ohio

David Richhart
8-Feb-2004, 13:08
Just a heads-up notice for those in the midwest between Feb 14, and July 18.


103 vintage gelatine silver prints, and the 14 chromes have reportedly been in storage since 1947!!!

Michael A.Smith
8-Feb-2004, 13:53
Thanks for the head up. Worth a trip just to see them. I'm guessing these would be prints that Edward gave to his sister May who lived in Dayton. Some years ago the Dayon Art Institute had a show of EW work, "Gifts to My Sister." There was an exhibition catalog. Wonder if many of the same prints are in this exhibition.

David Richhart
8-Feb-2004, 15:33
Michael, I think that is correct.

John Longstreth, the owner of the photographs shown on the DAI page, is the nephew of Edward Weston. He inherited many prints and EW letters from his mother. I imagine that is the main source of images for the show. Since the show will eventually be at the Goerge Eastman House, it is likely they have also contributed, as well as others.

The Dayton Art Institute is a great museum for photography exhibits... several years ago they offered the opportunity to see 3 AA prints of "Moonrise" hanging in a row... Quite amazing to see his different interpretation over the years. That's what I call expensive wallpaper!!!

David Richhart
11-Feb-2004, 07:50
I must correct my last posting...

Jack Longstreth is Edward Weston's grand-nephew. His grandmother, Mary Weston Seaman, was EW's only sibling.

Jack Longstreth inherited his grandmother's collection of EW photographs, over 120 gelatin silver prints and around 60 color transparancies. The collection also includes nearly 500 postcards and letters.

That collection is the basis for this exhibit.

Many of these images have never before been exhibited or reproduced...