View Full Version : Experience fitting new bellows to a Eastman View or 2D?

Ramiro Elena
3-Jul-2012, 11:40
I just received new bellows for my Eastman View Nš2 8x10 which happen to be the same as the Kodak 2D.
I was wondering if anyone has gone through the process of fitting the bellows to the old frames.

In my old set I noticed the fabric goes around the front frame. The frame stays "inside" the bellows. The fabric wraps around it and it is glued to the rim of the frame and the front. It then screws onto the front standard.

I'll try to post photos in case I am not making myself clear.

Also how many screws to hold the frame to the front standard? The frame I have looks like gruyere cheesse...


11-Jul-2012, 14:46
I am curious to know of other people's experience in this area, too. I have a newer 'old' bellows that is less full of holes for my 2D and have been hesitant to replace it for fear of making everything worse upon reattachment.


11-Jul-2012, 15:53
Mounting framea is simple if you have the tools the company had. What are they? Small tacks, Contact glue, a sanding block. Black paint. Start by sliding the FF (front frame) into the bellows.
If it does not fit sand the 4 corners down a bit. You lose size quickly doing this) try again. Now that it fits Fold the fabric over and and slice where the corner folds over. Glue and sit a weight on it over night. The back is the same. If it does not stretch over the frame sand the corners on the rabbet to reduce the size. Use a stapler to bond it. Support the RF on a VERY SOLID object. This prevents the RF from flexing. If this too much for you I'll do it for you. Contact me privately.

11-Jul-2012, 16:37
Just wondering why you didn't send in the frames with the old bellows?

11-Jul-2012, 19:59
Century is similar I suspect. Here is a post with my experience of bellows replacement: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?29267-Here-we-go-Century-8x10-Restoration&p=281851&viewfull=1#post281851

Ramiro Elena
12-Jul-2012, 12:12
Just wondering why you didn't send in the frames with the old bellows?

I simply didn't think of it. I would have had to send the frames to China and didn't know the seller offered this service. I also have the rear frame installed with Deardorff bellows and wanted to keep using the camera until the last moment.

It seems fairly simple, just wanted to know from other users. Thanks for the link ic-racer. I'll take a look tomorrow.

Ramiro Elena
12-Jul-2012, 12:42
btw... contact cement or rubber cement? Or are they the same?