View Full Version : cable release won't fire Ilex Universal

8-Feb-2004, 11:36
I just bought a 14" Kodak Commercial Ektar in a #5 Kodak/Ilex Universal Shutter.

The lens and shutter seems to be ok, I'l still waiting to get it mounted. However, the cheap general brand cable release that I have won't fire the shutter. It seems that the throw isn't long enough.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a certain brand/model cable release which you know will work?


Michael Kadillak
8-Feb-2004, 11:50
Ran into the asme problem with mine a while back. Here is what I did.

Call ahead and take your shutter to a camera shop or a camera re-seller that has a box of old cable releases and keep trying them until you find one that works and engages the screw threads of the mount correctly. As you stated, you need a really long throw to cock and fire these beasts and many of the older cable releases do that very thing. Since the price on these is so reasonable as the store owner would love to get anything for these releases than have them perpetually sitting under the counter, I got several for $5. Most I found had few brand name identifications with the exception of an older Kodak one that had what seemed like 2" of available throw. Good Luck!

David A. Goldfarb
8-Feb-2004, 11:59
Aside from needing a cable release with a long throw, the trigger seems to migrate with use, and if you can't actuate the shutter with a normal cable release, it is probably a sign that it's due for an adjustment.

lee nadel
8-Feb-2004, 12:04
had the same problem calumets pro release works fine .

John Kasaian
8-Feb-2004, 12:27

I've had consistent results using a Gepe on my No.5 Universals.

Good Luck!

Jim Rhoades
8-Feb-2004, 12:45
I've had the same problem with my older shutters, Betax # 4 and Alphax. Sometimes just a longer throw is not enough. You need a release with a thicker plunger. I've had a long throw release with a thinner plunger stick inside the tube along side the internal lever. Find a cable release with both long throw and thick plunger. If you still have sticking, hold the cable out almost straight, do not let it loop. A straight run into the tube seems to help.

tim atherton
8-Feb-2004, 13:10
I'd second the heavier duty gepe's from mpex - work well on most of my older shutters (especially Kodak Universal/Ilex type).

Bob Salomon
8-Feb-2004, 14:53
All of the Gepe-Pro releases are long throw. The Gepe-Pro Profi release is both long throw and adjustable throw.

8-Feb-2004, 15:01
Bob can I ask what the fitting on the Gepe is? I need a tapered fitting to fit an old Syncro Compur shuter. I also need a similar cable to fit a couple of Eastern European cameras.

Bob Salomon
8-Feb-2004, 15:14
The Gepe-Proreleases, as well as the Linhof and Kaiser releases, all work properly on Compur, Copal and Synchro Compur shutters. It also works properly on all Prontor shutters.

Copal Press shutters may not work with them.

John Kasaian
8-Feb-2004, 17:47

Congrats on your new lens! The 14" Commercial Ektar is one of my faves. I'm sure you're going to like it alot.

8-Feb-2004, 19:31
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try some local shops. If that doesn't work, I'm putting together an order for B&H, I'll add on a new cable release.

The one I have now is probably a Hakuba. It has a throw of 1 5/8". That is JUST enough to BARELY trigger it. I found that if I kept it pretty much straight, if I pushed really hard it would just contact, every few times. If I find something with a bit more throw, it should be fine.