View Full Version : Lens pricing question??? Tele Optar, Red Dot Artar & Linhof Tele Xenar

Don Dudenbostel
2-Jul-2012, 14:44
I wound up with three lenses I have no use for in a trade last night. A long time friend got his two digital cameras stolen recently and is a bit down on his luck. He was a student of mine and assistant for several years in the 70's and 80's. I just couldn't say no. I had an older Canon 20D and battery grip that I didn't use any more and did an even swap. I'm certain I came out better but he insisted on the even deal.

What I wound up with:

A very clean 10" Tele Optar Graflex tele in a graphic shutter. The lens is very clean cosmetically and the shutter shows little use but is sticky from non use. The glass is great but there is a ring of separation about 1.5-2mm at the edge of the rear grouping. I don't think it would effect the image from f8 down.

A truly beautiful Linhof 360mm Tele Xenar in a very clean compound shutter on a Technika 3 board. Glass looks perfect and the mount is super clean with no obvious blemishes. the shutter is also extremely clean but may be ever so slow at the slower speeds but I don't have a checker and can't say for sure. It's close anyway and seems very consistent. This is about as clean a lens of this age that I've seen.

Nearly pristine 8.25" Apo Red Dot Artar in a very clean syncro-compur #1. Shutter is sticky and needs a CLA as would be expected. I believe it's a late serial number and my guess is one of the last. I seem to remember the first two digits of the SN are 81 but would need to look again. anyway the front machining on the mount is like a very late gold rim Dagor that I had. The only wear is a tiny bit of paint loss on the back edge of the rear lens mount. Glass is pristine.

What is a good asking price for each. I'll probably post them with your help. I've found no information on the web as to reasonable value.



PS I'm thinking of selling my minty 72mm Super Angulon XL in copal and a full set Nikkor T Tele ED 360-500-720mm. The Nikkor is E+ and perfect glass. What kind of money are they worth?