View Full Version : What filter size for 9 1/2 dagor?

8-Feb-2004, 10:25
Hi again, Need the specs or expericnce to get the filter size for a 9 1/2 inch dagor. Thanks again for the the wonderful resource. I've been searching on the net for that info all mornign and finally gave up.

Nick Morris
8-Feb-2004, 11:07
Doug, not a specific answer, but I use 75mm x 75mm (3") Kodak gel filters with my 9 /1/2" Dagor, as well as with my 13" Wollensak. I have an adjustable filter holder, that I think is available from Calumet (made by Xenophon((SP?)), and mounted on the rear of the lens boards with velcro. This allows me to use the same filter system with different lens.

Robert A. Zeichner
8-Feb-2004, 15:31
48.7mm should do it. You will probably have to find a slip on series adapter, unless you are very lucky and can find a screw-in step up ring to series 7.