View Full Version : Calumet CC-401 locking knob washers

2-Jul-2012, 11:58
I recently picked up a Calumet CC-401 camera, but the locking knobs for the front and rear tilt never worked properly and the washers under them seem to be disintegrating. I'd like to replace them and hopefully then be able to lock down the camera.

Does any one know what materials I should use and where to get it? There is a black foam-like washer and another rubber (?) washer with a cork-like appearance.


Daniel Stone
2-Jul-2012, 12:18
you might want to try looking for a "flange gasket" at your local hardware store. Usually in the piping/fittings dept.

McMaster Carr has them too, but there's usually a minimum order due to most people needing more than 1-4 or so:


Its under "Flange gaskets=1/16" thick"

you'll need to know your ID and O.D., so if you disassemble the standards from the frames, you should be able to find those dimensions pretty quick.

You also might want to contact Calumet directly, they might still have a spare parts inventory for these cameras, since they were the original dealer for them.



3-Jul-2012, 09:26
Thank you!

I ended up buying some sheets of rubber and cutting my own with an xacto knife (they have an additional hole in them) which are an improvement. I bought some other materials too (cork, black plastic washers, felt) to experiment with.